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My Work

suzan mcmannI am a Wellness and Recovery Coach – an ally – helping my Seattle-area clients find joy in recovery from various addictions to substances and behaviors – through overall wellness.


Together – you and I will change up your perception of who you are and what your place here is.  We will excavate your true potential.  We will look at soothing and numbing behaviors with curiosity – not judgement.  We will work out achievable action steps to set you on the path you picture for yourself.  We will do this in a safe confidential environment – whether that be in person, on the phone or via Skype.  We will celebrate your accomplishments every step of the way.


With 17 years of nursing experience – life and recovery coach certifications – 20 some years of studying the various paths to wellness – 10 years of healthy sobriety – sought after personal chef experience working with various nutritional needs – and a lifetime of intense personal work, I come to you well-versed in life.  I am not a therapist.  I am not a paid-sponsor.  I am an ally on your path to joy.


I use a whole-person, joy and strengths-based, recovery-oriented approach in my coaching.  I believe each person has their own idea of what wellness looks like and that this idea comes from deep within.  I help my clients excavate and embrace their personal path to wellness – believing that within holistic wellness lies their path to joy.

What people are saying:

“I didn’t think I needed help from anyone, especially not on a personal level. Suzan quickly gained my trust and proved to me that by tapping into my fears and ambitions, I opened myself up to who I really am and who I want to become… I highly recommend Suzan to anyone who needs to be pointed in a positive direction.”
~ C.B.  Wellness Coaching Client

“Suzan takes me beyond my routine thought patterns.  She leads me in a clear-headed direction and does this in a very calm and professional manner.  I come away with ideas that I would not have come up with alone.  I work with these over time and they become my future guidelines – of which I am very grateful.  Suzan’s years of working in the field of sobriety, her understanding of the various wellness paths and her compassion for and understanding of recovery as a whole – render her uniquely qualified in the field of Recovery Coaching.    I recommend Suzan wholeheartedly.
~ L.C.  Long Term Peer Recovery Coaching Client

“Suzan makes me feel accepted.  That is a big word for me because, in all my relationships, I have felt as though people have tried to morph me into what they need me to be.  Yes.  Suzan has a great ability to listen and accept.  She allows ME to troubleshoot.  I don’t always have the words.  I just keep talking, and Suzan’s questions, listening, patience and acceptance allow me to piece it together in ways I’ve never been able to before.  She’s a life saver!  In its simplicity, having a coach sounding board allows me to consistently move forward with goals both personally and professionally.  Mainstreaming, breaking down and dissecting each intention, making a targeted plan to each objective.  As a result, glorious achievements, self-confidence, the strength to be my best self and the opening of doors to unknown life possibilities…  Suzan is the essential ingredient for mind, body and true soul wellness.”
~ K.P.  Wellness Coaching Client